ProClass Supplier Licence


ProClass is the de facto procurement classification for all local government in England. It is available free of charge to any organisation, to be used within their IT systems to identify and classify their procurement spend. Some organisations also use ProClass as a way of classifying suppliers in their contracts register. It is now widely used by public organisations.

Reason for the Licence

Once a new version has been released the councils expect to be able to use it immediately. However, some third party suppliers have delayed implementing the new version for several years during which time some of them have been changing or adding headings themselves.
This has led to the decision, by the councils, to licence third party suppliers of ProClass, as a means of encouraging rapid adoption of up-to-date versions and discouraging unauthorised changes. From 1st October 2011, all third party suppliers wishing to download, use and provide ProClass spend information will be invited to seek accreditation, in the form of a free of charge licence. This is to ensure the ProClass headings they are applying are the current up-to-date headings. The same applies with any mappings.

This licence will be granted, free of charge, to third party suppliers who have demonstrated that the ProClass they are using is the correct version and that they agree to the rules listed in the licence. The accredited suppliers will have their details and a brief list of their services posted on the ProClass website as a guide for the public organisations using ProClass. They will also be required to display ProClass logo on their site for agreeing to and applying the licence requirements where ProClass Headings are used.

Applying for the Licence

Please click here to download the licence. It is a Word Document which can be completed electronically or manually. Once completed please email to marked ‘ProClass Licence Application’.

Management, Copyright and IPR

Coding International Ltd (CIL) manages and maintains the ProClass classification and website on behalf of iESE Ltd. iESE Ltd is a local government mutual, dedicated to the improvement and efficiency of local authorities. The City of London Corporation holds the Trademark in the ProClass logo. CIL act as Agents in managing the licensing of ProClass to Suppliers.


All Licence Holders will be allowed to place a one page advert on the ProClass website to be linked to their listing as a Licence Holder. Please contact CIL for more details.

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