Mobility experts in Buckinghamshire (Milton Keynes): Stairlifts (Chairlifts), Mobility Scooters, PowerChairs (incl Motability), Riser Recliner Chairs, Wheelchairs, Cosyfeet footwear, Mobility Products and Aids for sale, in a wide area around our shops.

OUR TRAINED STAFF GIVE EXPERT ADVICE - PLEASE ASK FOR WHATEVER HELP YOU NEED.  All models, colours and accessories are available for sale even if not displayed on the website (we have accounts with all the major manufacturers). We seek to sell best-value products so please call us to ask us for our latest offers, and we offer a 10% discount card to purchasers of Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs which provides 10% off servicing, batteries, parts and rainwear.


Our Newport Pagnell Store during the Vintage Weekend 

Ready for the Blitz

Thanks very much to Dawn Letch, our Manager, for such a wonderful window

Our company has Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs, (including through the Motability Scheme), Riser Recliner Chairs, Stairlifts (Chairlifts), Wheelchairs and Daily Living Aids for sale, in a wide area around our shops in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire including Luton (01582 487878).    Please ask about our 10%-off card on service, parts and batteries.   Our Bletchley shop has its own parking at the back of the shop, and Newport Pagnell has disabled bays very close.

We also sell COSYFEET Extra-Roomy Footwear - for extra information please click Cosyfeet.  

If you would like a quotation or a free assessment for the Stairlifts, Power Chairs& Mobility Scooters (through Motability or privately), Wheelchairs, Riser Recliner Chairs, Wet Rooms, Walk-in Showers or Walk-in Bathrooms which are for sale, or advice, repair or service, please email: , or call 01908 644133 (Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire), 01908 218191 (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) or 01582 487878 (Luton, Bedfordshire).  We also undertake free home demonstrations of equipment such as Riser Recliner Chair and larger Mobility Scooters.

We do much more than can fit on this site so please ask us if you cannot find something or need help.  

Our Impressive Mobility Scooter Selection

Our Impressive Spring Scooter Selection at Newport Pagnell

Our Mobility Shops in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire have value, robust Mobility Equipment (such as Daily Living Aids, Mobility Scooters, Riser Recliner Chairs, Bathlifts and Wheelchairs) Stairlifts (the company instals, repairs, and services Stairlifts), and Cosyfeet comfort footwear for sale at cheap prices from our Mobility Shops in Buckinghamshire (Newport Pagnell and Bletchley in Milton Keynes). We can also provide installation of Wet Rooms, Walk-in Showers and Walk-in Bathrooms.  We service, maintain and repair Mobility Scooters, Power Chairs, Riser Recliner Chairs and other Mobility Equipment. Our expert staff will give you help and advice in choosing the correct product.  Many items can be purchased VAT-free.  

Our engineers operate in a wide area around Milton Keynes including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford and demonstrate larger Mobility Equipment such as Riser Recliner Chairs, Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Electric Beds and Powerchairs at your home by appointment free of charge, and also service and repair Mobility Equipment.  We undertake free and no-obligation Stairlift surveys.  

Riser Recliner Chairs and High Back Chairs :   We have a wide range of Riser Recliner Chairs, Fireside Chairs for sale in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire), many of which can be supplied with matching suites.  Principal suppliers include Pride, Electric Mobility, Celebrity, Sherborne, Drive Medical and AJ Way.  We demonstrate these chairs at your home in a wide area around Milton Keynes including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford.  We can also supply Porter Chairs for those who spend much time in their Chair and need to be moved in it. Our trained staff will assess the user at the shop or  at home during a free demonstration   to ensure that you purchase the correct chair.   It is vital to get the chair size, upholstery and seating correct to deal with pressure and other physical problems - for example, legs should not dangle, ankles should be supported by the legrest, and armrests should not force the shoulders up or provide little support.   The seat of the Riser Recliner Chair should be comfortable, provide sufficient lumbar support and cope with pressure problems.  Correct size and support is more and more important the longer the user is likely to spend in the chair . Riser Recliner Chairs and High Back Chairs can be made to measure if necessary and if necessary we can advise on specialised seat backs and memory foam seating or drop-in specialised seat cushions.  AJ Way and Primacare provide Riser Chairs which can help accommodate those with little lateral strength or bent spines, and which can be adapted to deal with changing physical condition.   We can also supply chairs with drop-arms for transfers.  Our Riser Recliner Chairs are excellent value and quality. Please ask if you have furniture to remove. Suppliers include AJ Way, Celebrity, Drive, Electric Mobility, Primacare, Sherborne and Pride.

Mobility Scooters:   Our new and secondhand Mobility Scooters for sale in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) come with a 10% discount card on servicing, parts, batteries and rainwear.   We supply all types of Mobility Scooter, either privately or through Motability, together with their parts and accessories, and can advise you which model is best for you.  Principal suppliers include Pride, Electric Mobility, Roma Medical, TGA, Kymco, Invacare and Drive Medical.  Our engineers provide a full warranty, service and repair service either at our Mobility Shops or in your home. We operate in a wide area around Milton Keynes including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford.  We are accredited Motability Dealers in Milton Keynes and Luton.  We will demonstrate the Mobility Scooter to you at home and deliver the Mobility Scooter to you ready-assembled and checked.  Delivery of the Mobility Scooter will be fully unpacked and checked.  We can also supply Mobility Scooter ramps, tyres, accessories and batteries.  Mobility Scooter Suppliers include Electric Mobility, Kymco, Pride, Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Shoprider, Roma, TGA, and One Rehab.

Stairlifts (Chairlifts)  :   Our experienced Stairlift Engineers will visit your home, within fifty miles of Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire), and Luton, Bedfordshire and provide you with a free Stairlift assessment and quotation.  Stairlifts are frequently known as 'Chairlifts'.  The company undertakes Stairlift installation, servicing and repair of Meditek and Handicare Stairlifts.  We have many years' experience of Stairlifts installation and maintenance in and around Milton Keynes and Luton, and currently can offer Stairlifts from £800 ex VAT.  We supply several different Stairlifts, some of which can be adapted to cope with increasing frailty.  We also service, repair and maintain Stairlifts in a wide area around Milton Keynes, and Luton and supply Stairlift batteries. For more information please click this link:  Stairlifts.  Suppliers include Handicare, Meditek, and Bruno.  Please visit our other Stairlift sites:

Beds:    We supply Profiling Beds in a wide area around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford.  Principal suppliers include Days and Drive Medical.  Our beds for sale are both single and double, in a range of sizes and with a range of mattresses, from pocket spring to memory foam, and mattress-toppers.  We also supply hospital and specialised beds.  Our team will demonstrate these beds and deliver them to your home.  Suppliers include Drive Medical, Invacare and Patterson Medical.

Walking Aids:   Our Mobility Shops in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) have a wide variety of lightweight Rollators, Zimmer frames, and walking sticks for sale.  Principal suppliers include Performance Health, Days, Uniscan, Classic Canes, Topro, Drive Medical, and Nottingham Rehab Supplies.  We have both three and four-wheeled Rollators, with height-adjustable arms and seats at different heights.   Some Rollators have pressure-brakes.  Our staff in Milton Keynes will help you find the right Walking Aid for your needs.   Our range includes Classic Canes, Uniscan and Topro.

Wheelchairs:   Our Wheelchairs for sale in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire), include lightweight Travel Chairs, and transit and self-propelling Wheelchairs able to fit into a car boot.  Principal suppliers include Days, Drive Medical, Karma, Pride and Z-tec.  We sell and advise for crash-tested Wheelchairs and Wheelchairs for specialist conditions.  We stock spare tyres and inner-tubes, and undertake repairs and servicing.  Suppliers include Pride, Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Electric Mobility, Z-tec, and Days.  We can demonstrate wheelchairs in a wide area around Milton Keynes including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford.

Power Chairs :  We have many Powerchairs for sale to choose between.  We advise for and sell Power Chairs from all our shops (Bletchley Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire).  Principal suppliers include Pride, Electric Mobility, Invacare, Karma and Drive Medical.  We will perform assessments for those requiring more specialised Power Chairs, at your own home, in a wide area around Milton Keynes including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford..  Examples are the Jazzy and Quantum range of Power Chairs from Pride Mobility (Pride Power Chairs). Our shops in Milton Keynes can provide battery packs for wheelchairs, as well as spares, ramps and tyres.  Our engineers undertake servicing and repair, and we can provide Power Chairs under the Motability Scheme.   When you purchase from us, you will receive a 10% discount card which gives you a 10% discount on parts, servicing, batteries and rainwear.

Daily Living Aids: Our Mobility Shops in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire and Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire have thousands of Daily Living Aids for sale and can advise you which will suit your requirements.  Principal suppliers include Performance Health, Days, Uniscan, Classic Canes, Topro, Drive Medical, and Nottingham Rehab.  Our Daily Living Aids cover most activities including Kitchen and Dining, Leisure, Bedroom, Toileting, Seating and Travel.  The following are examples of Aids for Daily Living for sale from our mobility shops in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire:  sports injury supports, orthotics, telecare equipment, walking sticks and canes, crutches, ramps for mobility scooters and wheelchairs, batteries, mobility scooter bags and accessories, winter warmers, bathlifts, incontinence pads pants and products, grab rails, raised toilet seats, toilet frames, commodes, radar toilet keys, seat and bed incontinence protectors, overbed tables, electric adjustable profiling beds and mattresses, comfort footwear from Cosyfeet, dressing aids, pressure cushions, reachers, big button telephones, walking stick straps, ferrules, walker trolleys, walking frame caddies, zimmer frames, three wheeled walkers and four wheeled walkers, male and female urinal bottles, rotary cushions, back supports, caring cutlery, kitchen and dining equipment and much more, such as Cosyfeet comfort shoes and slippers.  Please ask our shops in Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell and Bletchley) and Winchester for help and advice.  We can post many Daily Living Aids direct to you home throughout the UK.  Our suppliers include Patterson Medical (Homecraft), Putnams, NRS, Days, Drive, Invacare, and Sheerlines.  We supply Mobility Products and Orthotics prescribed by Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists

Cosyfeet / Cosytoes Comfort Shoes We stock and order in Cosyfeet Comfort Shoes, Slippers, Foot Products and Hosiery (including Tights and Socks), for sale in our Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (Newport Pagnell and Bletchley) shops.  Prices are below Cosyfeet's own prices.  The range is particularly suitable for diabetics, being seam-free and extra wide (EEEEE+).  We supply both from our Mobility Shops and Mail order, and sell footwear at prices below Cosyfeet RRP.    Cosyfeet hosiery is available at 10% off when you buy Cosyfeet footwear.  We have a Cosyfeet Shoe sale in Bletchley.  Cosyfeet is often known as Cosytoes.

Quotation, demonstration, service, repair and assessment of Mobility Equipment by our local Engineers 

We have highly-trained engineers and staff in our shops to help assess the best Stairlifts, Mobility Equipment and Riser Recliner Chairs for you. Free Home Demonstrations are available in a wide area around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire including Luton, Aylesbury, Bicester, Northampton and Bedford..  Assessments are necessary for many Mobility Aids to obtain the best product for your needs. Riser Recliner Chairs are an example: the wrong size and configuration can lead to posture and pressure problems .  We can also advise which wheelchairs are crash-tested to ensure safe transport in a car or taxi.

Visit us for personal service

Our shop managers are trained Trusted Assessors and can offer you advice based on years of experience.

Our prices are great value. 

For full details of our services to the elderly and disabled please click this link:   Mobility Services   

VAT Relief and Pricing :   If you have a long-term disability you will be eligible to buy some products  without paying VAT . Those eligible products are priced on this site excluding VAT and the product description indicates as much.  To exempt the sale from VAT, a VAT exemption form has to be filled out during checkout (there is a button below the total payable in the 'basket'. Products that are not eligible for this exemption are priced including VAT.  

Internet delivery costs :  items under £75 are charged at £3.65 including VAT and if the order is greater than £75 delivery is free.

Examples of the Daily Living Aids for the elderly and disabled for sale, and locations served by our team

Our Mobility Shops in Luton Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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Luton telephone number:  01582 487878

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