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Most domains that we offer for sale are listed, and available for transfer at the prices shown (excluding errors and omissions). More information can be found on our  'FAQ' and 'Transfers 'pages. 

Payment for any of these domains can be made using the secure area of our website. Our system will automatically issue an invoice to show that an order has been placed and that funds are available.

Only when we confirm our acceptance of your order by email will a contract exist between us. If we are unable to accept your order, we will promptly refund any payment taken from your debit or credit card.

Any prices shown or quoted are only valid at that time. We make no undertaking about future price or availability unless we specifically agree to reserve a domain.

We offer discounts on some domains - a price review may occasionally result in an increase rather than a reduction.

If you are interested in a domain on 'Tag = SHORES' not found on the website you can submit an offer to our email address.

We will only reply to sales enquiries (including an offer) where a sale appears to be a realistic possibility. If you do not receive a reply you could try a higher offer. If your budget is below £200 you probably need to look elsewhere.

Other Services

Only available for '.uk' domain names.

Domain transfers                                                free or £12 (paid to Nominet) 

Name server updates                                          no charge 

Tag change (release to new Registrar)                  no charge 

Current prices are displayed here. Existing customers will be informed by email of any changes, at least one month before a service is due for renewal. 

Domain name renewals or new Registrations

years        £/year         cost

1              12.00        12.00
2              10.20        20.40
3              10.20        30.60
4              10.20        40.80
5                9.00        45.00
6                9.00        54.00
7                9.00        63.00
8                9.00        72.00
9                9.00        81.00
10              9.00        90.00