How does the transfer process work?

Transfers can be done almost immediately through the Online Service account which Nominet provides for each Registrant of a .uk domain name(s).

How can I move my domain name to another Registrar (ISP)?

We will release your domain(s) to another Registrar (ISP) free of charge. To do this we need an email request from the Registrant and the Tag name of the new Registrar (which they will provide).

You can force a Tag change without contacting us, but Nominet will charge you £10 +VAT for the service. This option can be found in your Nominet online account,

Online Service Login or here

Online Service (password reset)

Alternatively, you can leave the domain on our system (Tag = SHORES).

The current list of ** Nominet Registrars

Can you not simply move the domain to our Registrar (ISP)?

The only way to change the Registrant is by completing the Nominet transfer process. The domain can be moved to another Registrar after transfer, but we will not release a domain(s) before a transfer is completed.

What is the transfer charge for?

The Registrant of a .uk domain can only be changed by Nominet.

To process a transfer they require a payment of £10 +VAT to cover administration costs.

As from 3rd April 2014 we are now able to process most transfers directly, and free of charge.

Would I need to repeat the process to transfer many domains?

There is also a bulk transfer facility for changing the Registrant on a quantity of domains. The current Registrant and TAG must be same for each domain, and the domains must all be transferred to a single new Registrant.