Buying organisations will receive a comprehensive Corporate and Social Responsibility report built from the bottom up using:

  • Your Spend Data analysed by SpendInsight
  • Cross referenced to the e2class database
  • To give you a comprehensive  scope 3  report

That covers all of your organisation's activities in detail.

You can either have a basic report that just analyses your carbon footprint or a complete report on your environmental impact.

Scope 3 is the most comprehensive report that you can get, most organsiations just have a scope 1 or 2 report, however this is likely to only cover around 40% of your emissions (the NHS in England has 60% of its emissions in scope 3).  Thus to be able to get a full picture of where you need to put your efforts you need to carry out a scope 3 analysis.

Historically this has been very expensive because there was no data on the carbon footprint of all the products that you purchase outside of energy and travel, and so there was a requirement to go down you supply chain asking for product carbon footprints to work out your inputs.

The following is a short summary of the 3 scopes defined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

  • Scope 1 emissions: direct GHG emissions occurring from sources owned or controlled by the organisation. Examples include vehicle fleet emissions and on-site emissions from boilers.
  • Scope 2 emissions: GHG emissions from the off-site generation of grid electricity.
  • Scope 3 emissions: all other indirect emissions, which are a consequence of the Organisation’s activities but occur from sources not owned or controlled by the Organisation. Examples include ‘upstream’ emissions from the production and transportation of purchased goods, and ‘downstream’ emissions from the use and disposal of the Organisation’s products and services.

e.g. For cloudBuy

Scope 1 - is our Gas and Electricity bills plus travel expenses

Scope 2 - is the electricity used in our London Data centre, paid for by the Data centre.

Scope 3 - is everything else that we buy or use, plus people travelling to work