The process starts with SpendInsight to find out what is being purchased and then this is looked up against e2class to find out the environmental impact.

SpendInsight - spend analysis

SpendInsight has now analysed over £ 67 billion in spend, and millions of products from 100's of thousands of companies.

SpendInsight is the result of a breakthrough piece of joint research between cloudBuy, University of Reading and Goldsmiths, University of London.  The result is an accurate fully automated spend analysis down to line item detail.  This is what makes GreenInsight affordable.  Previously an item level spend analysis would have cost 100's of thousands of pounds.

e2class - ethical and environmental classification

The results of SpendInsight are then run against the e2class database.  This has ethical and environmental information  against millions of products.  The automated lookup of an organisation's purchases against e2class allows an organisation's full impact to be calculated from the bottom up for the first time in an affordable manner.