e2class stands for Ethical and Environmental Classification.
cloudBuy has created e2class as a next generation product database, to solve the common problems in procurement and build a comprehensive repository of ethical and environmental product data.

It builds upon NSV (National Supplies Vocabulary), the item level product classification used by the UK Government for over 30 years, with over 500,000 products that have standard descriptions and are mapped onto individual supplier products.

e2class is mapped onto all the major coding systems currently in use:

  • NSV
  • eClass
  • ProClass
  • CPV
  • SIC codes
  • DM+D
  • Nato Codes
  • and others

SpendInsight automatically classifies spend either to full e2class product codes or varying depth in the e2class hierarchy.  This allows appropriate carbon footprint and other information to either be looked up for the product were it already exists, or calculated from standard industry tables where it does not already exist.